Super Junior 7th album “Mamacita” Kyuhyun Teaser


Super Junior 7th album “Mamacita” Kyuhyun Teaser

Day at the Beach:

I was sitting there.

Covered in sunblock (especially on my back Kuz it was facing the sun).

With a towel completely covering my back and shoulders okay so I was practically wrapped in it whatever.

And my wild beach hair was covering my back, but the wind was blowing it so it really was only on one side of my back…

Apparently my hair was my only defense against the sun.

wow I need to clean my mirror kay bai




Coca-Cola 2nd Lives - Video

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this ad. Not only is it promoting recycling, it’s also creating a system where the name ‘coca-cola’ is in even more places without much more cost to the company.


Ghost-seeing Detective Cheo Yong is soooooo freakin good!!!! Seriously, go watch. Now.


going back to school more likeimage

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